One game plenty of people are getting excited about is Marvel Spider-Man which is set to be released in 2018, though no exact date has been confirmed as yet.

So what can we expect this time?

Well like all previous Spiderman games, you’re going to get fast paced action and plenty of characters you’ve grown to love and despise, but this one could be the best yet. If the gameplay trailer is anything to go by, then the visuals look absolutely stunning. It’s no wonder why really as this is a 4K game, but at times you’ll feel like you’re Spiderman from the Hollywood movie and not the PS4. As stated by Marvel Games’ Creative Director Bill Rosemann, the game is set to tell original stories, taking this classic back to its roots. This will no doubt bring some of the hardcore Spiderman fans back, and we’re certainly expecting big things for this modern classic.