For some, it is the dream to make their gaming hobby a career by becoming a professional gamer. With many young people now saying that becoming a Gaming YouTuber is their dream career when this once never existed. So, what are some of our top tips for those of us who wish to become professional gamers?

Start As Soon As Possible!
If you are thinking about becoming a professional gamer you want to start as soon as possible. Begin creating your videos or live streams so you can build your following. You will not be able to become a professional gamer on these platforms without a following as pay does not begin until a certain number of subscribers and views.

Know Your Target Audience
You will want to think about what games you want to play and who you want to target. For example, if Fortnite is a game you want to play, you may be targeting a younger audience than if you were playing Grand Theft Auto. Knowing your audience will help you to make their videos suitable for them. For example, with a younger target audience, you want to keep your language clean and simple so they can understand.

It Takes Time and Money
A lot of people who wish to become a professional gamer do not realise that it does take a lot of time and start-up costs! You will need to purchase a lot of equipment, including recording equipment, consoles, headset, and editing software. It will then take up a lot of your time setting up each game to record, as well as editing and uploading your footage. It is not as simple as just playing a game.

Becoming a professional gamer is not as simple as just playing the game and putting it online. It does take time to build your following. It does take a lot of money to purchase everything you need. It won’t happen overnight so start as soon as possible.