Light Fall is heading to Nintendo Switch

Light Fall for the Nintendo Switch is quite a big deal. It was announced recently and a demo followed shortly after, but what’s great about this title is that players are able to complete platforming challenges by carefully managing the power of the ‘Shadow Core’.

This is a magical box at their feet that can be summoned any time to propel yourself into the air, and it’s an incredibly unique way of playing, so it’s like nothing else on the Switch right now. You also have a companion and narrator, Stryx the Night Owl, to help you explore the forgotten world of Numbra where darkness prevails. He’s like your guide and best friend at the same time, and together you’ll come across many weird yet wonderful characters. Some will be your companions, others will be your worst nightmares, so it’s up to you to make sure you look after yourself and make friends with the right characters along the way because only the strongest will survive.