Computer Games and their effect on the brain

Computer games are always enticing for both children and adults, computer games are not meant for passing time but also make one feel stimulated and energized after a heavy day’s work. These games are designed to offer you one superb fun filed thrilling time. Usually online gaming is divided into four types, there are few games which can be played with a browser window. However, in such case, you need to log on to a definite website however some games are entirely text based. These games are seen loaded with graphics and you need to have stand-alone software packages. Players are seen to be challenging each other and few games are there, can literally be played with Email. When it comes to online gaming E-mail computer games are deemed the first stage. In the era of e-mail computer games, Multi-User Dungeons or MUDs had taken the market with storm. When you are seeking to play online games you must have high speed internet connection.