Call of Duty is a very popular game which can be played on either of the two most popular games consoles. It is also a franchise, with new games following a similar format being redesigned and produced every few years. Often times, with these releases you can see slight variations within the game-play, with the options you have to choose from, both in terms of weapon choices, and game options. You will, of course, see some improvements with the graphics with every release.

Call of Duty consists of eleven separate games, of which the first three can be grouped together. The first was released in the year 2003, and the most recent one was released in November 2013. We can expect to continue to see more games released from this game franchise, with the Advanced Warfare game having been announced this month.

Call of Duty is one of gamers favourite games, with it being one of the most popular games, or group of games to be played online, with more than 40 million players playing every month, as of March 31st 2012.