Red Dead Redemption: The latest trailer

The latest trailer for Red Dead Redemption is leading to rather mixed reviews, or should we say pre-release thoughts. Some say that it does not look as exciting as the original and will not be as big a hit as the last game, whilst others believe it will be one of the best games ever created! We’d love to know your thoughts so please do let us know, but here’s how we see things panning out. We believe that the trailer is not a true representation of the game and there will be so many cool features, characters and twists that they simply do not want people to know just yet, so of course, the trailer is going to be slightly basic. That said, there will be more material released as we build up to its release and you can’t deny the excitement every time you hear about this upcoming open world game. In terms of sales, it will not fail, there is simply too much hype around the release, and rightly so!