I’m sure as an avid gamer, you have had many debates with your parents, partners, and possibly even children about the amount of time you spend playing these games. With your argument always being that you can spend time with friends… but is there another benefit we are yet to mention, how these games can help our mental stability.

Those who suffer from any form of mental illness may find support from gaming. They may find that gaming is a way to help them feel at ease, taking them away from the outside world. So yes, gaming can help with your mental stability. Gaming can help you to releive your anger in a way that is not violent towards others. It can help you to feel more relaxed, helping with a positive outlook on your day to day life.

Whilst gaming can help your mental stability, it should still be used in moderation. You should seek alternate methods of improving mental stability if you are becoming reliant on gaming to be happy.