For some of us, it is more affordable for us to purchase console games second hand. With some console games being priced up to £50 or more, it can become an expensive hobby. But, what should we be looking out for when purchasing games secondhand?

Where Can I Buy Secondhand Games From?
There are a few common places that you can purchase secondhand games from. Some of these include game retail stores, Facebook market place, eBay, and car boot sales.

What Should I Look Out For When Buying Secondhand Games?
When purchasing secondhand games, there are a few main things you should look out for. These include:

Scratches On The Disc
One of the first aspects you should look at is this disc itself. You should complete a full examination to see if there are any scratches or damage to the disc. Deep scratches can cause issues with gameplay, for example, the game jumping, not loading correctly, or not being playable at all.

Does It Have A Disc?
When purchasing games from car boot sales, Facebook market place or eBay, it is always best to check that the disc is included. People will generally sell some games for pence, hoping you won’t notice there is no disc included. While this is only a small price to pay, it is still a waste of money for you as you still do not receive the game, or you have the wrong game.

What Console Is It For?
Sometimes people can make honest mistakes of placing wrong games in the wrong cases. Therefore you should always check that the disc, in this case, is the correct game and is for your correct console. Not all older console games will work on the newer consoles.

These are a few aspects you should always look out for when purchasing secondhand games, always making sure you are getting the value for your money.