Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been shaped by Koji Igarashii and developed by a well-known company Inti Creates.

The storyline takes place towards the end of the 1700s; a couple of decades after the Industrial Revolution began. It is during this time that several alchemists thought they should warn people that they may lose their faith and they thought it would be a good idea to place some demons onto the earth. An orphan girl is transfixed by the ‘magical crystals’ that bring the demons down to the earth but she becomes so transfixed that the demons cannot use her as a sacrifice.

Then 10 years later, the orphan girl returns to her normal state and comes out of the castle where she remained for that period. You of course, play as the orphan and must learn how to escape the castle, which isn’t going to be easy! This intriguing game is part of a series called Konami’s Castlevania and was originally set to be released on the 11th of May in 2015. But this was delayed and it has been put forward until sometime early 2018. Let’s hope there are no further delays!